Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Once credits are purchased, how do I access my new platform?
A: If purchasing credits for a new game platform, please contact an attendant to receive your login credentials.

Q: What is the Minimum deposit for Fiesta Jackpot?
A: Our minimum deposit is only $25. Purchases can be made by clicking “buy credits” at the top of our webpage.

Q: What payment forms do you accept?
A: We currently accept payments through credit card processing. You can purchase credits by using your debit, credit, prepaid cards. We offer secure checkout and payment processing.

Q: What game platforms do you carry?
A: Check our website under the “games” link and you can learn about all the games we offer.

Q: What is the process of redeeming your winnings?
A: Once you request to redeem your winnings, the following will happen: 1. Credits will be removed from your game 2. The Attendant will send in the request 3. All requests will be processed at 5am CST 4. You will receive an email with a link to accept the payment This link will be active for 12-24 hours. Please make sure you have access to the email that you used when purchasing the credits. If you need to change the email address, please let the attendant know and they can help you with correcting the email. If you are wanting to use a different email than the one used to purchase credits, you will be sent a link to verify your identity.

Q: How secure are sweepstakes casinos?
A: Playing at a sweepstakes casino is just as secure as doing so at a regular real cash casino. In 49 US states, they are permitted and controlled. The only state that forbids sweepstakes games is Washington. This is a result of how they categorize the games and the fact that gambling is prohibited in the state.